All guest pilots are required to register in advance by using the registration form found on our homepage. (www.moselfalken.de)

The registration form is activated on the beginning of the week and can be used to register at the same week. Upon registration each guest pilot agrees to comply with all rules and regulations mandated by law for flying within Germany.

Each guest pilot confirms that his or her flying equipment is in full compliance with air traffic law requirements and that he or she is properly insured.

Guest pilots further agree to the responsibility of informing themselves as to the terms and conditions set forth by the Moselfalken Paragliding Club. Please refer to our homepage for all pertinent details. (www.moselfalken.de)

A maximum of 25 guest pilots per day are permitted to fly on weekends and holidays. Only guests who possess a valid guest card and payed the fees are permitted to fly the Moselfalken sites.

All guests who have successfully registered are required to print the confirmation page. This print out will serve as your proof of registration. You are required to bring this print out with you to the flying site.

Before launching, the guest pilot is required to submit the confirmation page as proof of registration to any Moselfalken club member.

The guest flight rules are valid the hole year. If you don't register or pay your guest fee before starting, we can forbid you to fly at our sites up to three month long. Non observance of the aforementioned rules and regulations may also have other legal consequenses.


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